Discontinuing Portal Verification


We are making changes to the community portal’s group verification process. We will be discontinuing the group verification process as it wasn’t serving its intention of building recognition and legitimacy to groups. All groups will be able to request budget from resource reps (as done earlier, they will determine whether the group and the funding request are appropriate). The verification tab will be removed from the community portal and the functioning will continue as earlier (it will not mention whether a group has been verified or not)

It is important to note that resource reps, staff and new community members will still be viewing your group on the portal. Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep your group page active.

If you have any questions please feel free to email community-portal-verification [@] mozilla.com

Warm Regards,

Mrinalini, Francesca and Alok

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There was a reason why the community portal had a verified group, to avoid a lot of spam groups or stuff that doesn’t involve mozilla. I remember a lot of Blockchain groups as example.

There is a real explanation of it wasn’t serving its intention of building recognition and legitimacy to groups?
For us as community instead is building recognition and legitimacy because everyone can create a Mozilla Italia group and say that is the official mozilla community for Italy. At the same time helped on keeping high the quality of what there is that portal, as anyone can organize an event.

Honestly I don’t understand this decision, as this not seems part of Empowers of community said in the Mitchell Baker letter of a month ago.

We have already volunteers not happy of the last changes and evaluating if leaving the community, this decision it will remove the last piece of thrust in Mozilla as we worked hard for that group with a lot of events.

As example the WordPress community manage 738 official meetup (on meetup.com where the community portal is inspired) cross the whole world to give the legitimacy and review them periodically, you can see it at https://www.meetup.com/it-IT/WordPress-Meetup-Terni/members/72560962/ in action.

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Hi Daniele,

we will continue to delete spam groups and groups that are not in line with the Mozilla mission.

The fact that the verification process has been discontinued does not mean that all the efforts done by Mozilla Italia to build their community portal group are negated. All the events, descriptions and members still mark it as an active and interesting group to join. The community portal will still be the primary place where staff and community members can see your activities.

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Well I am not sure about this, as on Twitter/Instagram exists the verification process there are some reasons why this is there.
To avoid that someone create a similar group that will get also a discourse category in the mozilla cases or instead on social network to confuse people and create not happy feelings.

At the same time was a recognition of what we are doing and an invite to people to join and register to the portal, because a lot of people are not interested on doing so.

It isn’t a problem see my activities, also see the activities of the community. We have our social for that as there aren’t any email notification in the portal (as asked a lot of times), it is just a way of recognition inside Mozilla and mark official the community where the communities should be.


I created a group on the community portal but it shows unverified. How am i supposed to get it changed to verified?