[discourse-mozillians] Periodically refresh user data

Continuing the discussion from Add Mozilla staff to a group:

Currently the plugin will automatically refresh a user’s data from Mozillians every time the log in, or if they press the button in their preferences.

To protect against Discourse getting out of sync with Mozillians if a user doesn’t regularly log in (or forgets or neglects to manually refresh) we should have a job which refreshes the data of every user regularly.

Obviously, the shorter the better, but we don’t want to overwhelm any servers. Daily maybe feels like overkill, but I’m sure it’ll make the legal people feel happier, and if the queries were spaced out over the day I’m not sure it would be too overwhelming.

Some guidance on the above would be appreciated: @pierros, @comzeradd, @r_oVhPfcJCUUC5wbm6i4_C2Q

@nemo @akatsoulas input here?