Display corruption on 90.0b1 (64-bit)

Is anyone else having issues with display corruption on the recent betas?

I’m running Thunderbird v90.0.b1 on a freshly re-built Intel NUC Mini PC system (Intel i5-1145G7, 32Gb RAM, 500Gb SSD, Windows 10 Professional 21H1).

I also had this problem prior to the rebuild and am using the latest Intel graphics drivers (not the latest beta though), and all other hardware device drivers are right up to date.

Monitor is a Philips 242B 24" with driver and ICM profile installed. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 and scaling is set at 100%.

The preview pane works fine all of the time but on most occasions, when I open an email the top left corner of the window is corrupted. As soon as something refreshes the display, it clears the corruption and displays as normal.

Another problem I am seeing is that when I reply to an email, the message headers are bordered in a think grey box.

All other apps are working fine with no display corruption, refresh issues etc.

Any suggestions?

Any difference in safe mode (hold Shift when launching TB)? If it looks OK in safe mode, I would guess you need to disable hardware acceleration in Options/General (launch in normal mode, disable, restart).

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That appears to have sorted it. Odd that Hardware Acceleration isn’t supported on one of the newest chipsets? But at least I’ve got rid of that annoyance.

Thanks :slight_smile: