Distinction between different variants of portuguese

I was listening to some of the voice recordings in Portuguese and I noticed there’s both Brazilian and European Portuguese recordings (which sound very different, in case you don’t know) in the same language. This will probably generate some bad results, and will most definitely end up becoming a Br-Pt speech engine in the end.

Would it be more productive to create new languages for each variant of Portuguese? (Brazilian, European, Angolan, etc.)

Hello and welcome to the community,

Please check our Common Voice languages and accent strategy v5 where you’ll see why we just have one Portuguese.

We will be capturing differences in how people sound through location in the future (right now via accents list on your profile)


Currently there are no accents available for Portuguese

That’s fine, since we are moving away from the current accents, once we incorporate the new location information we will be asking existing users to update their profiles, so we can better tag the audios they have been contributing, and models will be able to understand where people are coming from.