Diversity & Inclusion in Open Source - Survey

We invite you to fill out this survey, which takes about 6 minutes to complete.

This survey is central to a Mozilla initiative dedicated to positively impacting diversity and inclusion in open source and is core to our mission of supporting an “Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.”

By participating in this voluntary survey you will help generate a new and innovative understanding of how identity in open source community influences our experiences - and how as an ecosystem we can work together to improve standards that help us understand and improve.

We will publish the anonymized, aggregated findings in a blog post on Mozilla’s Open Innovation blog in late January, with recommendations, and an invitation to join in this work for 2018. You can read a summary of this work so far in this OpenSource.com article and more detailed versions on our blog.

If you have any questions please reach out directly to Emma (eirwin@mozilla.com)

Thank you!


Hi @Emma_Irwin1

I have cross-posted this to the SUMO forum, but what is the deadline for responses?

Fingers crossed you get many submissions for this important topic.

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Ping, @Emma_Irwin1, should we still be trying to solicit responses, or is the window closed?

I am leaving it open until the end of the week! Yes please :slight_smile: