Do recipients need to have Test Pilot to use Firefox Color URLs?

I am wondering if I can share my Color URL with people in my company that don’t have Test Pilot?

As I haven’t looked at the API and code, this answer might be partly wrong, but it’s what I think how it’s done. Websites do not have direct access to the API needed to change the color of Firefox. That’s what the Color add-on installed through has access to. The add-on has access to the website content and therefore knows the values you are choosing on it. Then with those values the Firefox theme is changed with the specific API calls to do so.

To answer your question, no, users need to have the Color experiment installed to be able to change the theme, the URL is not enough.

Thanks for the quick response. It’s what I thought. I guess if the feature ever goes into the live stream, all browsers could make use of those URLs. Until then, I guess I will enjoy my color scheme privately :wink:

Or you could ask your collegues to install Test Pilot and provide feedback so Mozilla can decide if that is something that should be integrated into Firefox or not :wink:

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To be specific: The theme editor and preview is a web app. You can absolutely share your Color theme URL with anyone. Even with folks using browsers other than Firefox.

You only need the Color add-on to apply the theme to a Firefox browser.

Yeah, this is correct - you need the Color add-on installed to apply the theme to Firefox. But, the URL is enough to preview themes.