[doc] Biographies in Mozilla India Wiki

I have been having this idea of using our wiki as a platform to put more focus on people and their work.

We should have wikipedia biography style pages for each person on the wiki.

For example, wiki.mozillaindia.org/Akshay_S_Dinesh

It can be used as a way to document notable activities a person has done where notable is decided by having some kind of alternate documentation (like a blog post, a bug thread, or an event page). It can also be used to document interesting bits of their life, what teams they’re part of, etc.

Basically, these pages would be natural extensions of mozillians profile.

We could also think of barnstars and other forms of recognition that can be given by others on the person’s profile.

This might improve the documentation of events because when there’s more documentation, one’s biographic wiki can get longer.

Additionally, we should develop an infobox template for event pages that lists down people who organized it.

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