Documentation Concerning Self-hosted Hubs

I’m considering Mozilla Hubs for a commercial confidential meeting which is supposed to be held in a different setting, compared to the ubiquitous video teleconferences using company-internal video streaming services or MS Teams (which curiously is allowed to be used).

As the meeting’s contents are confidential, we (probably?) cannot use the Hubs instance provided by Mozilla, but would have to setup our own Hubs installation. I googled if this is possible and stumbled across “Mozilla Hubs Cloud”, for which the documentation states:

Hubs Cloud allows you to run your own hub on a private server.

However, there does not seem to be any information available on how to do this - the Hubs Clouds dockers then continue only about running Hubs on AWS or DigitalOcean infrastructure instead of own servers, which somewhat contradicts the documentation’s initial statement that i cited above.

Can anyone point me to documentation describing how to actually run Hubs Cloud on my own servers?