Documenting identified site owners


Continuing the discussion from Meet-up from the great beyond!:

We have been (slowly) making progress on identifying the community representatives who have authority to make decisions about their resources. Given that this is probably the most important role we play, it is good that we are taking our time to get this right.

We are in the process of deciding how to format this information on the wiki. It will be documented here:

Once we’ve figured out how we want to share this information with the larger community we’ll pick back up processing more bugs.



Hi all,

Why am I gravedigging a 2 year old post? Identifying and maintaining a chain of “ownership” or responsibility over the resources we provided is a critical piece that needs to be established before we can build processes and policies around our offerings. Most other pieces of our work can be handled iteratively, but it’s not ok to say you trust someone one day and the next day change your mind.

Over the last 2 years we have continued to make slow progress in understanding what “doing it right” looks like, but the challenge has always been how to get from here to there.

At the 2018 San Francisco All Hands, @tad and myself had a breakthrough. Modelling after similar agreements in the aviation industry we have drafted an agreement “in spirit” that we believe is the correct way to move forward. We have since been working with legal to confirm that our approach is acceptable to them, and to help “translate” the wording where needed.

There are also other exciting developments in the Mozilla eco-system that support our work and remove obstacles we’ve had to getting this right. We are able to leverage Mozillians access groups for permissions as well as documentation, and are coordinating with @lharris on her work in this area as well.

If this sort of policy management is something you have been looking to help with, please reach out to me!

(Spike) #3

I so agree that we certainly need a way of plotting “ownership” and responsibilities and keep that information current.
This kind of fits in with my personal goal to update and keep current the Modules info on our wikki ( so I would be happy to help with this @Kensie.