Does an add-on self-distributed via Web download auto update

Extension workshop shows three ways to self distribute an add on.

The Sideloading add-ons page clearly states the addons will not get automatic updates.

Another way of side-loading mentioned is web-download. But there is no mention of automatic updates

My question now is, if I setup a web-download way will the extension receive automatic updates?


I have one unlisted addon and the auto-update does work, but you need to host the addon and the special manifest.json file that contains link to download the last version.
More info:

But auto-update will work only for the addons, that have the “update_url” set in the manifest file, so your existing addon won’t auto-update, only the next version will.

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Adding my experience as well:

  1. Make sure your addon is configured to update itself using a url that points to its update manifest
  2. Then the addon must be signed by AMO (you can upload it as an unlisted addon and download the signed .xpi once it is done), or do it yourself using the web-ext signing API
  3. Then you must host that signed addon where the update manifest url is pointing to

After that is done users that have a previous version can manually force the addon to update in the browser settings, or wait until it does automatically.