Does Mozilla intend to support the Generic Sensor API

(Stefan Höhn) #1

The W3C defined a generic sensor API for browsers which also allows to support sensors like the Magnetometer. The spec can be found here:

Does Mozilla intend to support that API for Firefox? Is it maybe already under development?

(note: Chrome 63 does support it in it early version already)


(J. Ryan Stinnett) #2

I am not sure about the planned status of this.

The dev-platform mailing list is likely to be your best bet for questions like this about the status of web APIs.

(Kairo) #3

Usually it’s also a good idea to look into Bugzilla and do a search to see if there’s something filed - if you have an account, you can follow a bug that may already be filed or create a new one to track it (they can WONTFIX it but then it’s at least documented that there’s no intent to do it). If there is a bug though, do not post “me too” comments, just follow the bug.

(Stefan Höhn) #4

Thanks, will do that there!