DOM inspector in Dev tools

Hi, I’m kinda new to firefox and web development on it’s own. Can anyone help me find the DOM inspector add-on with wich you can see the nodes?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Miro_Noordzij and welcome to the community :wave:

You first open the Dev Tools by pressing F12. The inspector can be found at the second position to the left on the Dev Tools menu bar.

I also recommend having a look at the Dev Tools section on MDN Web Docs:

I hope that helps!

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Hi @mikoMK,
Tank you so much for the reply, I did find the dev tools, however I came across an addon which gave insides on the nodeName, nodeType and nodeValue directly in the inspector. Does this ring any bells or is that available with the DevTools on default?

Have a nice aswell,

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Sorry, I misunderstood you. :upside_down_face:

When you right click a node in the inspector you can select “Show DOM Properties” which opens the split console with the node info.
Is that what you are looking for?