Doubt In Test your skills: Links 3

In, 2nd condition is to “Add a warning to any links that need a warning added”.Below is my code,can someone please help how to add warnings


  <p>We do lots of work with Narwhals. To find out more about this work, <a href="narwhals.html" target="_blank">About us</a>.</p>

  <p>You can email our support team if you have any more questions — <a href="">email us</a> to do so.</p>

  <p>You can also <a href="factfile.pdf" download="" target="_blank">Download</a> to download our factfile, which contains lots more information, including an FAQ.</p>

Hi @Shashi_Reddy, and welcome to our community.

There isn’t any specific bit of syntax you need to add a warning; what we are on about here is basically that if a link is pointing to a large download, you shold include something in the link text along the lines of “(8MB)” to warn people that it is a large download, before they click on it and start downloading, in case they have a slow connection, and/or pay per megabyte.

Thank you @chrisdavidmills