Doubt on trie

hi, when I used my own language model and also with my own trie result is not good. but when I changed the my trie to librispeech trie and kept the my own language model. It’s working perfectly then librispeech lm.binary. Now my constrained language model better result then librispeech lm .I am not saying that librispeech is not working it is also working perfectly for example In my dataset I have a word ‘rating’ but I dont have ‘at’ So in librispeech lm predicting as ‘at’ because it has ‘at’ word so it predicting correctly,but in my dataset there is no ‘at’ so my language model predicted as ‘rating’ it is also working perfectly . Now my doubt why when I used my own trie it is not working perflectly but when I used librispeech trie it worked perflectly.

i used order 3 because my dataset sentence is small
to generate trie I referred
10. vim alphabet.txt (containing all english alphabets)
11. vim some.txt (corpus)
12. …/kenlm/build/bin/lmplz -o 5 <some.txt >
13. …/kenlm/build/bin/build_binary lm.binary
14. …/DeepSpeech/native_client/generate_trie alphabet.txt lm.binary trie


Why do you not build lm.binary as a trie as indicated in the documentation?

ok I will try it and check