Downloading old messages from server

I used TB on my old notebook, which was died. When I installed TB on new notebook, I received only several messages. Many older messages are on server now, and I do not know, how download them. I use POP3 protocol. Do you know, if it is possible? Thanks!

Sorry for my english…

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You checked the account on the web interface and there are messages that Thunderbird didn’t download?

POP3 accounts have a “Leave messages on server” setting that is set to delete messages after 14 days by default. That can be changed to “Until I delete them”

If you left it as the default, I doubt you can recover them.

Yes, I checked the account on the web, and I know, that messages are here. I have set my TB client that it is not allow to delete old messages on the web. But how I can download them again into TB client???

Hi Tomas,
Are all the messages in the Inbox of your web account? (Thunderbird does not download messages from other folders if you are using POP3.)

Yes, they are there…