Dumb Question but would like to know!

I have noticed a ton of “new” theme makers and I am wondering if this has anything to do with AI! The names are all different, Mr ?, etc. Are these “actual people” submitting themes? Is there anyway this can be checked? I am hoping actual people will be the only designers or submitters! Plus I am also wondering if this is the sight to post this. It doesn’t seem like it is checked very often.

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I don’t use Themes in Firefox, but it sounds like it could be related to:

I have seen around 50 exact clones of my extension, all posted from new accounts with some varied (AI-generated?) names and descriptions. The uploader-account always got a spam-link in their profile (SEO optimization I guess).

I’m not the only one who have had the problem, it seemed AMO was flooded with various clone-extensions. I guess it is very likely there have been or is a similar problem with themes.

If it looks like similar problem, I suggest you tag Edward Sullivan (see the linked thread).


Thanks for replying. I am certain these are AI generated names. They are similar like Mr. so and so, etc. they have only uploaded 1 theme and I am wondering also if they can be reported. But there are dozens and dozens. Filling up the Themes pages! I am just an old great grandma that makes themes by hand and enjoy it, but since these “clones” are filling up the Themes it is not fair to all of out here that actually make a theme and submit it. Plus it makes the reviewers tons of extra work by having to check each one before it is accepted. I don’t know who to contact since the Themes part of this “site” isn’t checked very often. Oh, well…Thanks anyway…Keep reporting!

50 clones??? That’s crazy!
So, I’m guessing they are using the store API to publish them, so one could really write a script that clones all kinds of addons/themes, changes name and maybe some translated messages and then publishes it.

Let’s brainstorm some ideas how to fix this, for example:

  • I don’t think addon developers should be allowed to be anonymous. At least not to Mozilla. They should be required to submit proof of residence and some ID.

  • let’s require 1$ payment to submit a new addon :slight_smile:, that would for sure reduce 90% of spam. Chrome has some 10$ per account I think. And Safari 100$ per year :smiley:.

  • use much better captcha, something a ChatGPT can’t solve in a 1ms

That sounds like a great idea, but do you realize I would have had to pay almost $25,000 for submitting themes? I couldn’t do that being a very senior citizen, but I am sure that someone with Mozilla smarts could come up with a fix so they can not be doing this. Check out the names of the theme submitters in the last few weeks. Mr. so and so 92, etc. It is NOT real people. Someone or something is getting through/by security. Which should make people a tad scared! People at Mozilla are smart enough to make a wonderful browser, but this is spooky! What else is getting by?

I think you misunderstood juraj.masiar. Or at least understands him differently than I do. I imagine paying $1 every time you are introducing a complete new addon. Not every time making a new version of an existing addon, and not for every download.

Yes, over approx. half a year. But they are all gone now.

It looks like Mozilla now has managed to make a setup that automatically identifies and deletes new clones within 0-2 days after upload. So it doesn’t look like I have to report them any more. But I guess Mozilla might not have a similar setup for Themes.

What do you say @Edward_Sullivan ? Maybe a similar setup is needed for themes?

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Hey Folks - thanks for raising this.

I’m trying to determine if the issue is that the newly submitted themes are clones of existing themes or is the issue more that we suspect these themes are AI generated?

Thanks – Ed

The copies of mine are still on line and if you go the the Recently Submitted Themes, probably more than 1/2 to 3/4 of them are probably AI produced and submitted. Check out the names of the submitters. I have no way of telling if they are real people, but I would bet they are not. We have never had Mr so and so 349, and different names like that.

Thank you for the additional detail. It sounds like there are 2 issues:

  1. Clones of your themes
  2. Themes being produced and submitted via AI

I will look into both, but I am not sure we have any policies in place currently that prohibit the use of AI to generate themes, unless of course they are clones of existing themes.

Thank you – Ed

@MaDonnasPersonas when you have a chance, could please link to a couple of themes that are clones of your themes? Thanks!

My Original Theme: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/all-fall


My Original: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/spring-medley-donna/

Copy of mine: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/spring-serenade/

These are NOT the AI themes I had posted about recently with all the false designer names. But would appreciate these copies removed. Thanks, Edward!

Duly noted and thank you, @MaDonnasPersonas!

Quick update to let you know these clones have been added to our review queue for a closer look.

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