Duplicate add-on ID Error

We are distributor of Firefox extension for dragon professional.

It’s ID is dgnria_pro.firefox@nuance.com

Now we have done some modification to the same extension, while publishing it shows error as “Duplicate add-on ID found.”

Earlier we have used same ID for the Firefox extension in the year 2018.

Currently we have opened new account with same ID “dgnria_pro.firefox@nuance.com” and faced the mentioned issue.

We are expected to publish our extension with the same extension id as we don’t want our existing customers get affected.

Is there any way with which extension id “dgnria_pro.firefox@nuance.com” can be deleted from backend , so that we can reuse it.

Do I understand correctly that your basic problem is as follows:

  • in 2018 you published an addon,
  • now you want to publish an update to it and have everyone with the extension installed to receive the update automatically,
  • you no longer have access to the account originally used for publishing the addon?

If you do still have access, you should use that account for publishing the update and/or adding your new account as an additional owner (and possibly transferring ownership to it). If you no longer have access… I’m not really sure whether there’s some recovery procedure that could allow you to prove that you really should have access to that addon (I’m not a Mozilla person, maybe they have something).

Hi Denis Lisov,

Thank you for reply,

We do not have access to that account, so we end up creating new account with same ID.

Now we are blocked, we have made some changes to extension and while signing we are facing issues. ( We are using Self hosting/distribution approach)

Is there any contact number with which we can communicante with them ?


This phrase does not make much sense - account email address and addon ID are different things, they can match, but that does not change anything.

I don’t know of any regular way to move an addon from an account that no one has access to. If you insist, you may want to ask in the #addon-reviewers:mozilla.org Matrix room (via chat.mozilla.org if you don’t know what Matrix is), but I’m afraid you’ll be told to publish a new extension and migrate users out of band.