Duplicate sentences during validation

Is anyone else noticing duplicate sentences during English validation? There are over a million sentences in the wiki dump alone so there should be enough unrecorded sentences to present to users without needing to repeat them.

Interestingly, they are always Sentence Collector sentences, never wiki sentences. One example is the sentence “The mouse lived in a small hole in the skirting board”, which I have been hearing over and over again by different speakers over the past few days.

I have a theory that this is mainly affecting users who have recorded a large number of sentences but I don’t have any data to back that up. It’s hard to provide an actionable bug report when I don’t fully understand the behavior that’s occurring.

Has anyone else noticed this and spotted any patterns?

P.S. There’s a Github issue here: https://github.com/mozilla/voice-web/issues/2128

CC @Codigo_Logo_Programacao_e_Inteligencia_Artificial @Michael_Maggs

I’ve heard a couple.

I’ve noticed that, during validation and recording as well.