Duplicate Theme- But it's Not

(Timothy White) #1

I submitted my theme for the first time today and didn’t like how it turned out. Because there isn’t a good preview window during the time of submission, I did not get to see how it would really turn out as a final product. Now also I could not find a way to delete the theme uploaded so in turn I just went and adjusted it in Photoshop and re-uploaded it. Is there a way that I am able to add this newly-edited theme without it getting rejected? Or possibly delete the old one?

(Pamela Rosensteel) #2

Hi! A great way to test a theme before uploading it is with the Personas Plus add-on. It let’s you see what the design will look like before uploading and even allows you to use a theme without uploading as well.

As for deleting a theme, you would need to go to your Manage Submissions page. From there you can edit and/or delete as needed.