Duplication error on list all tabs dropdown menu

Hi, all,

I noticed that this occurred in the previous version, but decided to wait until this new version 2 was released before reporting in case it was fixed. Alas, it is not.

Upon pressing the list all tabs button at the top of my Firefox window, I get a normal display of the opened tabs and a sub-menu item for container tabs, as so:

However, if I then mouse over the area where it says New container tab it duplicates all of the opened tabs showing in the list, as so:

If I move the mouse off the New container tab menu item, it then reverts to showing none of the opened tab entries, as so:

This is reproducible for me 100% of the time.

Thanks again. Would you be alright filing these as issues into the GitHub repo? We’ll be able to triage them much more easily there.


OK, finally got around to doing that. I see that someone else got my other post over there as well.

In the future, should I not use discourse at all?