ECSY devtools not mentioned on site

I’m really surprised to discover this amazing plugin for ECSY it was only mentioned in passing, and the link from the site is broken. I had to go search for it via Chrome’s site to find the right link.

Holy crap, that is cool. Can anyone think of a way to use this with a Node.js ECSY project? Somehow modify it to be used with server-side ECSY.

Ok, so I got this extension working for a server-side app by running my app in a browser instead of Node.js.

Here’s how I did it:

  • created a Nuxt.js project (1-command setup)
  • symlinked my Node.js ECS game folder into the Nuxt.js assets folder
  • only thing I had to copy/paste and change was my ECS game loop / world creation file
    * change setImmediate(run) to window.requestAnimationFrame(run)
    * change imports in this script to point to assets folder symlinked version
    * change the Nuxt.js example page JS in the Pages folder to import this entry point and run your gameloop
  • last step was to npm install all of the same packages from the Node.js project into the Nuxt.js project

That went surprisingly fast! Now I can use this awesome tool to analyze/test my server-side app.