Email for sub-categories

I think it is going to be overkill if we have an email for every parent category and an email for every sub-category.

Will it work that we can use eg communtyops+discourse@ to get to a sub-category? Are we already doing something like that?

Decision made : changes in email addresses used to post new topics to categories

I think it could work like that, but it would still technically be a different email address. We should come up with a naming scheme for subcategories’ addresses (either what you suggested, “communityops.discourse@” or something else).

google lets you do address+something for free though, we don’t need to set
up a new alias/box.

The other thing I was thinking, which would be harder, is to use the same
email as the parent, but if people put [sub-category name] at the start of
the subject then it would filter it to the sub-category.

For the record, at Mozilla Hispano discourse we use category_name+foro at and it works (the main email is foro at

(bumping an old thread but it’s linked in Jira so!)

At some point in the meeting we discussed the possibility of moving reply email to reply+key@ and having incoming messages to discourse+category.subcategory@, similar to yammer. Is that something we still want to test and see if it’s technically possible?

We should definitely weigh the pros and cons. Obviously that would reduce
us to one mailbox, but that seems much harder to remember, or share. Our
domain is long as it is! Are the savings worth it?

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@tad - opinions in terms of the cost side of things?

We have decided to go with the category+sub@ scheme, there are hardly any savings and it is much more user friendly.