En attente de validation - waiting for validation

Voilà un mois que nous avons publié 2 add-ons, 2 correcteurs occitans (gascon et languedocien) pour Thunderbird, or l’attente de validation (27 et 28 sur 32) n’a pas bougé d’un millimètre. Est-ce normal ? Devrions-nous les supprimer pour les mettre en ligne de nouveau ?
C’est d’autant plus étrange que nous avons publié ces 2 mêmes add-ons pour Firefox sans aucun problème, avec un délai de 3-4 jours pour une validation positive. Si quelqu’un a des pistes, merci d’avance !

It’s been a month since we published 2 add-ons, 2 occitans correctors (gascon and languedocian) for Thunderbird, however, the validation wait (27 and 28 out of 32 on the waiting list) did not move by a millimeter. Is that normal? Should we delete them and put them online again?
This is all the more strange as we released these same 2 add-ons for Firefox without any problem, with a delay of 3-4 days for positive validation. If anyone has any leads, thank you in advance!

Lo Congrès Permanent de la Lenga Occitana

Try this forum:

Or perhaps contact Jörg - see this thread:

Bonne chance!

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Thanks for answering ! Unfortunately, the links don’t seem to work, though… Any clues ?

Strange. The links work for me - including if I sign out from topicbox.

Can you access this topicbox page?

If not maybe it detects you’re in France and redirects you to a non-existant French-localised site. See if others in France have the same problem.

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Now it does work. Thanks for the tip ! :+1:

For information, I don’t really know how it happened, but now it is set. Thanks, whoever made it possible !