[EN] Robo-voices or voices with effects in Russian corpuse

Hi. Now Russian corpuse have a new problem. I started to meet robo-voice clips or clips with effects what are a little bit similar to robo-voice. I think someone recorded robo-voices clips or used effects for his real voice. I’m not sure what is it, because:
— I hear sometimes clicks on a mouse
— There’re many voices, which speak that.
— Sometimes they even speak better, than people, about who I really know they are humans.
— And they pronounce a letter “ё”

I’m really confused, what I should with all this clips. Unfortunately, I can’t upload a links to examples. CV doesn’t have instrument for that.

If person, who did it, read the post please answer me. I will decline them, if I don’t sure clips was made human. Now I just skip them.

Skipping seems like the best option for now. We should be collecting human voices, so if something sounds non-human, you can reject it or skip it.

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I know it. But I sometimes hear birds and other backgrounds in this clips therefore I wasn’t sure what I should do and gived time to respond me for who do/did it. Now I’ll start just reject them. Thanks