Enable Abkhazian for voice collection

@nukeador I’ve reviewed the first 5000 sentences.
Let me know what you think?

Hi @daniel.abzakh

Are they validated on sentence collector? Remember they need to have at least 2 positive reviews to be validated.

If that’s the case, great! They will be included in our next export (it’s usually something we do weekly).


The current sentences in Abkhazian have one positive review, so somebody else will need to review those as well. Congrats for going through all these sentences!

@nukeador @mkohler
I will see what can be done in that regard.

@nukeador @mkohler
I added 5000 sentences mostly reviewed by two people (a philologist and myself)
I know very little of Abkhazian language, I can hardly consider myself as a second reviewer but I did what I could, I think it would be good to push this forward, I then can show case the project Common Voice in action, and hoping to bring more people in.
What is your input on this?

Is there something else blocking you to advance? If so, how can we help you?

Once all the sentences are validated they will be incorporated into the main site in our next weekly export. Ping us here so we can check.


Nothing else is blocking me at the moment.

All the sentences are validated.
Thank you.

Great, we will include them in our next import next week.

@mkohler let’s remember to do update-locales so we enable voice collection too :slight_smile:

@nukeador @mkohler
I am looking forward to kick start voice collection for abkhazian.
Are we expecting to see abkhazian added soon to the main site?


I forgot to update the locales the last time I did the export. This is now on the task list for this week. Thanks for your patience.

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I just tried to update the locale list, however there are 4999 sentences exported, so it’s below the threshold of 5000. Want to add one sentence more so we cross the threshold with the next export and the script will generate the required files? :slight_smile:

I added a sentence reviewed by two people.