Enabling linux java support in firefox 117


sorry i didnt find any other category that is more fitting than this.

Currently i try to enable java on firefox running on linux ( ubuntu 22 )

I downloaded the latest firefox version from the website version 117.0 ( 64 Bit ).

I downloaded the latest java jre from oracle ( jre8-u381 ) aswell as openjdk-8-jre.

Some say that a “plugins” folder needs to be created in ~/.mozilla/ some say it needs to be created in the folder of the firefox profil.

A “libnpjp2.so” shall be copied, which is not included in the oracle or openjdk-8 package.

All existing threads / howto’s / websites i could found so far about this are at least 3 years old and referring to firefox versions a lot younger than the current one.

Could anyone please explain how – in linux – plugins currently work?

And if ever possible, what files, downloadable from where, are required in what folders/what ever?

Thank you!

You are apparently talking about Java Applets in webbrowsers? That’s a technology that was killed many years ago!
I don’t know if it is possible to get it working with Java 8 and an OLD webbrowser. But I would be very surprised if it’s possible to get working in any modern browser.
Any specific reason you want Java support in the browser?

Java applets were introduced in the first version of the Java language, which was released in 1995. Beginning in 2013, major web browsers began to phase out support for the underlying technology applets used to run, with applets becoming completely unable to be run by 2015–2017. Java applets were deprecated by Java 9 in 2017.

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