error in Thunderbird profile

After upgrading Thunderbird to version 91, the following issue occurred.
When creating a message, I attach a pdf file. When we try to open the attached file for viewing, I get an error:

The file “d: \ User \ Desktop \ test.pdf” cannot be opened because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the settings.

This problem exists only for PDF files, only for viewing when creating a letter. If I use a different profile in the same copy of Thunderbird, viewing the pdf there when creating a letter works without problems.

In the error console I can see the following entry:

TypeError: requestor is nullPdfStreamConverter.jsm: 140: 13
getDOMWindow resource: //pdf.js/PdfStreamConverter.jsm: 140
onStopRequest resource: //pdf.js/PdfStreamConverter.jsm: 1262

Question: how to normalize Thunderbird - return the ability to view the pdf file when composing an email?

Is there no solution?

This seems to be a bug in Thunderbird, see