Errors in console are not helpful in angular specific scenario, as opposed to brave

Hi, during development in a pretty big Angular project, I sometimes get this error in console:

It doesn’t say anything helpful, and usually I’d dismiss it and try to find the real problem in the code, but peeking at chrome’s log, it has so much more information:

Now I see it’s something related to the router definition and lazy loading.

Anyway, this bug is solvable, but having chrome sometimes displaying more information in the same scenario force me to use it, over Firefox.

Hello @itzikiap, thanks for the report!
is there a way we can have access to this page with the error? If not, would you have some time to create a glitch app that reproduces this? It will be super useful for us.

Finally, did you try this in Firefox Nightly? I think there was a bug fixed around uncaught rejected promises with objects.

Hi @Nicolas_Chevobbe, thanks for the replay.
Firefox nightly does provide much more information than develop, but it’s still less useful information than chrome.

As for reproducing: This error is fairly specific for the situation, I’ve tried to reproduce it in a reduced project, but couldn’t. Let me try to describe the issue, although I know it’s an Angular issue, maybe it could shed some light on what happens in the console:
On a lazy loaded module of angular, it happens when I change a module definition and save, without recompiling (Activating the hot recompile). Recompiling again solves the issue.

Sorry to bother you with something this specific, and thanks for Firefox.

@itzikiap, which angular version is this project on? Shapes of error objects have a lot of non-interoperable properties, which we have tried to both fix in frameworks and in the browser. Knowing version details we can dig a bit more on how errors are re-thrown.

This error is from Angular 5.2.11 using aot compilation, the same scenario in the latest Angular (8.2.1) doesn’t produce this error at all.