ES6 modules and Firefox debugger?

(rugk) #1

Could it be that the Firefox debugger does not yet support ES6 modules? Whenever I set a breakpoint somewhere in a module, it is just ignored…


As hard as it sound, I usually use chrome(ium) to debug my extensions (even tho I only publish them on firefox), since the firefox debugger is so buggy, that every time I need to use it, I need to close and reopen the debugger every now and then, since it went awol.

To answer your question… I just tried compiling my typescript to es6 modules and added a breakpoint and it worked as expected. It was, however, bundled via webpack, so I’m not sure if this affects the outcome.

Have you tried using a “debugger;” statement rather than a breakpoint? And are you sure that code is actually reached?

(Martin Giger) #3

With webpack it depends on the target format you select. Webpack possibly removes all es modulery from your code.

(rugk) #4

Obviously this thing here is about native ES6 modules, not Webpack. Of course everything works when you run it through webpack. That’s not the point.

Actually, I also found the reason: It’s really a very annoying bug in Firefox.
Just hope it get’s fixed soon.

What’s that?

(Martin Giger) #5

It’s a way to set breakpoints from code:

(rugk) #6

Thanks for that trick. And, BTW, this does indeed work even with ES6 modules.

(rugk) #7

was an issue on my site, deleted