ESET with Mozilla secure browser collapses after theupdate to 113.0.2 today

This secure browser is used for any transactions and online purchases and it is very good an secure

Unfortunately today after the update this extra browser delays too much and finally the browser opens freezing waits for some time shows only the address bar and if you add a web page or even some of the standard Mozilla pages after some time it shows a collapse page That is transaction finito!
Many collapses happened since at least two months ago with he main browser without stopping the program

In the picture below all pages are collapsed except the settings Please watch the switch in the middle of the right window with the small ESET letters! Any tries to the restore tab button were not sucessful

Found no solution with program or windows restart or even installing an older 11x version The problem is that I must do some pending transactions this weekend with logins stored only in this browser.
MY last resort is to uninstall the program and then install an even older version and disable any updates
I me expecting some good ideas on finding a immediate solution to the problem

My system is WIn10 on a Lenovo with i5 and 8 MB RAM and 256 GB SSD with the latest system updates