Évaluation sur "compréhension fondamentale de mise en page"

bonjour @mikoMK!
j’ai fini la tâche sur la compréhension fondamentale de mise en page pourras tu y jeter un oeil quand tu auras un peu de temps merci :pray: :pray:

Well done, @fenosoaliva_ratovoson

  • You could move justify-content: space-around; to nav ul and remove the rest of the li block.

  • The ul in the last selector isn’t needed.

  • You’re missing the second point of the task description:

    The navigation bar should scroll with the content and then become stuck at the top of the viewport when it reaches it.

    You’ll need to add two props to the nav block. One of them is top and the other position. Can you find out which values will solve this subtask?

See you,

coucou @mikoMK! j’ai pas vu cela, mettre le nav en position:sticky top:0

Great! These are the correct values. :+1:

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