Event - QA Marathon Dhaka

QA Marathon Dhaka is a regional event to encourage contributors to contribute in QA . It will be an offsite event to help people to contribute in QA. Participant will be guided from the basic of Bugzilla to Testing bugs, Verifying bugs and some other aspects of QA . It is a 2 Days event and participants will be mentored all the way so that they can be comfortable with all the basic procedure of QA and can jump in to make Firefox better .

Planning Pad : https://bangladesh.etherpad.mozilla.org/QA-Marathon-Dhaka

If you can help , Please shout out :slight_smile: And do share your ideas :slight_smile:

Sorry Can’t find the mentors name on etherpad. And is there any registration process for attendees?

Yes , there will be a registration process , but we haven’t decided on it . We will post the update with venue details soon.

If you want to be mentor , you can write your name at the below section of the planning pad.


I’m not good with that, may be I will join there as an attendee to learn about QA.

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Great :blush: Will Love to see you present in the event :smile:


Hello Everyone
QA Marathon Dhaka - a 2 day long event on QA is on! As this event’s
participation will be limited to 50 participants, We will be going
through a registration process. If you want to learn QA and join this
event, Please register yourself and wait for the confirmation mail.

Registration link - http://goo.gl/forms/wGswo2wsvO

We have opened a Facebook event where we will be posting updates about the
events. Please follow it to have updates -

Thanks for your support. Lets make this event more awesome!