Event Topic Suggestions

(Martin Giger) #1


We try to have a talk once a month and most of the time we just opened an issue on GitHub to find a topic, or someone willing to cover a topic we had on the list we gathered at the community meetup 2015.

However now with Discourse we can take a different approach. Please post topics that are Mozilla-related in this thread. Please keep it to one per post, so we can use likes to identify popular ideas in our community. Indicate if you’d like to talk about the topic you suggest yourself.

(Michael Kohler) #2

Web Extensions

(Michael Kohler) #3

Building Firefox - a look under the skin of a big open source project

(SJW) #4

I know some people of the p≡p foundation which we could ask about the future of Thunderbird (if this is still Mozilla related).

(SJW) #5

A talk about encryption. On my last talk about security we had a short discussion about TLS/Let’s Encrypt.

(Michael Kohler) #6

l20n (after quickly talking to Gion-Andri yesterday)

(Michael Kohler) #7


Either a talk or even as far as doing a small demo building hackathon.

(Michael Kohler) #8

Project Quantum in January? https://medium.com/mozilla-tech/a-quantum-leap-for-the-web-a3b7174b3c12

(Martin Giger) #9

Brought up at the community meetup:

  • CSS Grid
  • WebVR

(SJW) #10

(Tim Head) #11

Mozilla WoW 2017/mentoring people towards open (science). I’d be the speaker as well.