Express web framework (Node.js/JavaScript) tutorial

(Pedromcosta Gr) #1

I am having problems with the Express tutorial on the section about using mlab. Specifically “node populatedb” followed by the mlab url does not work. I get the following error:
ERROR: You need to specify a valid mongodb URL as the first argument. Do you have a solution? I have connected to the mlab db in the mongo shell, but I am having trouble sending the data to mlab in a script format as per the tutorial.

"Mozilla splash page" assessment
"Mozilla splash page" assessment
(Chris Mills) #2

Hi there,

We are currently updating all of the server-side modules, as a few things have changed recently. We’ll investigate this problem as we do the updates.

More soon on this.

(Hamish Willee) #3

The script does very basic checking that you have the right URI format when you pass the mongodb URL. Essentially just that it starts with “mongodb://”. So I suspect you’re missing the url.

So should look something like:

node populatedb.js 'mongodb://'