[Ext] MoreLayouts

The MoreLayouts extension adds additional layout options to Thunderbird. Features include:

  • Wide Thread View and Stacked View
  • Reversible views
  • Configurable Fullscreen F11 and Message Pane F8 toggles
  • Message pane header toolbar icon display option
  • Vertical Tabs

See the above link for more details and downloads. Comments welcome.


Can we change the position of the attachment panel in the compose window with this add-on?

I mean: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1731186

Tried a few options but no success

Yes, you need Tb 91 and MoreLayouts v6.7. See the screenshot of the Options page on ATN.

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Will this add-on be compatible with TB 115?


Please update for 115 :pray: