[EXT] Quicktext Templates: INPUT (text) as option inside INPUT (select)? How to establish order when there are numerous INPUTs?

So… I’m trying to make a template that includes a greeting text and name, farewell text, and leaving the cursor positioned in between these. I’m also adding a text to to the subject.

The greeting text is working fine. What I want to do is place a name by this text, and I am using an INPUT variable with options. Since the default options do not always return the name I want to use, there 2 different paths I’ve tried and can’t get it to work (at least not how I want!):

1. My first thought was to use an INPUT (text) as an option in an INPUT (select). I was expecting this would invoke the selection, and allow to insert text as an option:

[[INPUT=How to salute?|select|[[SCRIPT=GoodMorning]];Hi;Hi again;Hey]] [[INPUT=Name to use|select|[[TO=firstname]];[[TO=displayname]];[[TO=nickname]];[[INPUT=Write name]]]]

The idea is for me to only insert with [[INPUT=Write name]] if the previous options do not return the name I want. What this does is call the [[INPUT=Write name]] first, and then allow it as an option in the selections.

2. To try to get around the previous option, I thought about using the INPUT (select) first, and then an INPUT (text).

[[INPUT=How to salute?|select|[[SCRIPT=GoodMorning]];Hi;Hi again;Hey]] [[INPUT=Name to use|select|[[TO=firstname]];[[TO=displayname]];[[TO=nickname]]]] [[INPUT=Write name]]

I assmued that if I cancelled instead of selecting an option on the INPUT (select) because the options did not return the name I wanted, I’d then get the INPUT (text), and could write what I wanted. This would work, but it invokes [[INPUT=Write name]] before the first INPUT (select), and the whole idea is to only use the INPUT (text) if I want to insert something not returned by the INPUT (select).

Possible solution?

I’m guessing that a solution to this would be to run a script where if INPUT (select) does not return a value (is cancelling on the pop up considered “no value”?), then INPUT (text) would run. I’ve been doing research and looking at the different scripts around, but unfortunately my knowledge to all this is new and limited, and have no idea on how to write this! :frowning:

Full template issues

So the template I’ve created is as attached, and besides the issue exposed earlier regarding the name, for some reason the different INPUTs are not displaying in the order they appear. The INPUT for the subject pops up first, which is fine, but then the order is:

  1. [[INPUT=Write name]]
  2. [[INPUT=Good bye phrases|select|Regards;Kind regards;Take care;Stay safe]]
  3. [[INPUT=How to salute?|select|[[SCRIPT=GoodMorning]];Hi;Hi again;Hey]]
  4. [[INPUT=Name to use|select|[[TO=firstname]];[[TO=displayname]];[[ORGHEADER=to]];[[TO=nickname]]]]

How can I establish the order? Is that at all possible?

3-2-2021 19.2.8 1

I hope I’ve explained myself correctly - and that my current procedures and desired “returns” are understood.


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