ExtendIMAPFilters addon update

Is there anyone that can update this useful addon EXTENDIMAPFILTERS?
Thank you everyone

Hi Mauro,
Do you know how to edit Thunderbird’s preferences?
The Add-on just sets “mail.imap.filter_on_new” to “true”, and if you do this manually your goal should be reached.
(By the way, I just took a look into the preferences of my TB version 78.10.0 and mail.imap.filter_on_new is set to true by default.)

Thanks C-E,
I’ve done It, but the Sync Is not working…

Then your problem is something else. The Add-on just sets the pref, nothing more, so the result would be the same.
Maybe you should open another thread in the Thunderbird category (without the tag “Add-ons”) and describe the problem in more detail.