Extension update fails on ID mismatch

I recently uploaded the first version of an extension to the AddOns store. When I now try to upload a new version I am getting an error about how there is an ID mismatch (this is displayed in german locale, so I don’t know the original translation):

Die Add-on-ID in Ihrer manifest.json ({9400b833-9970-47f0-ac4c-ce157522f60d}) stimmt nicht mit der ID Ihres Add-ons auf AMO ({09b93856-dc3b-4d52-b758-4f49687a122a}) überein.

I am using web-ext to build my extension and was able to successfully sign the previous and the latest version.

The web extension id comes from a `.web-extension-id’ file that contains the following:

# This file was created by https://github.com/mozilla/web-ext
# Your auto-generated extension ID for addons.mozilla.org is:

Not sure if it matters but this might be related to the fact that before trying to upload the update I accidentally added (instead of updated) the same extension to the store again.

Is there any way to resolve this? The add on is experimental still and not in use by anyone so it would also be ok to just delete the existing item in the store and recreate a new one if that helps.

If you don’t care about the second version you created when you used web-ext sign, you can just change the ID in the .web-extension-id file to match the one your primary listing is expecting.