Extensions / API / What is the API for viewing all "local storage", as can be done with cookies?

Under extension API’s browsing data there are browsingData.removeCookies() and browsingData.removeLocalStorage() functions, as well as many other *remove* functions. They may take an optional argument to list the sites to which they should be applied. However, there is no corresponding set of functions in the same browsingData section to list those sites,.

In the case of cookies, there is another section to read/write/list cookies: , e,g, cookies.getAllCookieStores so perhaps that info can be applied to browsingData.removeCookies(). However, I can’t the corresponding corresponding functionality to read/write/list “local storage”.

How to read, write, list “local storage” elements from an extension?

Bonus question: How to show/specifiy the container associated with “cookies”/“local storage”?