Extensions became disabled because they "couldnot be verified."

Sorry, but that is not an acceptable answer to me. Why have I to do your work? Until Firefox 42, Yahoo Toolbar was verified ( not for me ), but now, suddenly, is not? It think this a total disrespect with Firefox users.

CoolPreviews was discontinued quite some time ago by their developers, see their website.

We have already contacted them several times. It is up to them to take action and submit a new version.

One way to enable the extension is to disable the signature check in FF43 by toggling the xpinstall.signatures.required setting in about:config.

Another is to get the users to download and install FF ESR via https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/
FF ESR (Extended Support Release) is FF38 but it receives all the latest security updates at the same time as the main release branch of Firefox, and it doesnt check for signatures on extensions. Its version number wont be bumped up for about 6 months or so.

I follow what user  jafo1966 says: "Ok, I get the new update requires the add-ons to be verified, but what is the deal when an add-on directly from Firefox's own add-on site is marked as signed and verified, but continues to be disabled and deleted every time I restart Firefox???? The current one in question is the Yahoo Toolbar." So, I insist in my complain, because is exactly my case. I want  Firefox as my  browser, I like it, but with all these obstacles, it seems Mozilla doesn't want us anymore.

You say it was discontinued some time ago and yet it was working on my computer on 12/21 and on 12/22 it is just gone. So for something discontinued why did I still have it up through yesterday.

Discontinued does not mean broken.

This screen shot shows that the Yahoo toolbar IS signed for Firefox Add-ons. If it wasn’t why is it in the add-on store??? And why does it say its signed??? Let’s get it together folks…don’t blame Yahoo for something you screwed up in your updates, or remove the Yahoo toolbar from your add-on store til it is updated to your ‘standards’.

Yahoo is modifying add-on files silently based on various factors like cookies and server responses. If and when add-on files are modified, the signature is broken as Firefox can no longer verify their integrity. It is up to Yahoo to change to code to not manipulate add-on files.

Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you retain a singular download link for your verified add-ons? Yahoo can change all the things they want on a toolbar found on their own website, but your add-on store download does not link to them. This means the most recent one in your store, which is signed and verified by you isn’t tampered with by Yahoo…or it shouldn’t be.

Any download from the Firefox Add-on store should be a separate and distinct link from any other download for that same item…for example, I can expect that if I went to the website for Ad-Block Pro, and downloaded it from there, that it could be rejected by Firefox for not being digitally signed. By the same token though, if I download it directly thru your add-on store, I expect it to be stable and to work fine within Firefox.

Again, if you cannot maintain a secure add-on from your own site, then it needs to be removed from your site til you can keep a stable download in place.

I think you misunderstood.

There is code inside the add-on that modifies at least the install.rdf inside the add-on.

Well, I am not happy with the Hobson choice you left me with…either continue with V43 and be able to do nothing since all my add-ons are disabled, or back-grade to V42 which is now so laggy if you don’t
upgrade it, that almost every keystroke renders the browser non-responsive.

I analyzed this signed extension and succeeded to be enabled permanently it.


  • At first install extension.
  • exit firefox.
  • backup install.rdf
    in “%appdata%\Mozilla
    \Firefox\Profiles<Random String>.default\extensions\staged
  • restart firefox and Yahoo toolbar is installed.
  • Yahoo toolbar changes index.rdf to localize.
  • over write index.rdf
  • You will use Yahoo Toolbar permanently.

I think it is the problem of yahoo toolbar specification, and it is easy to change and support yahoo’s programmer it. The bad is not Firefox but Yahoo fault.

It is only wait release new Yahoo Toolbar extension that You should do. :stuck_out_tongue:

And by the way, I didnt misunderstand you…I simply dont understand what you mean. I am not a computer engineer or programmer, after all. I wouldn’t recognize ‘install.rdf’ from Royal Crown Cola.

But the one point you didn’t confuse me on is the fact that you are saying that the code is able to be manipulated after it has been verified and signed within your store. This means to me then that your store links are not singular…and therefore not secure. And if they can be manipulated, rendering the validation irrelevant, then again I say that such add-ons shouldn’t even be on your site in the first place, especially under the new rules that you are imposing.

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Not permanently. Just until the next time the toolbar modified install.rdf.

It is not correct.

The yahoo toolbar extension changes self (index.rdf file) after Firefox signing checking.
It is too worse. And it becomes be disabled by Firefox.
If you replace authenticated index.rdf before it is changed , it works eternal on Firefox 43.

In other words, it looks like he falsified a document after the boss
checked it.
Yahooo programmer should change another definition file.
It is not a Firefox bug

I think Yahoo toolbar extension may change only first time for localize.
So if we write back authenticated index.rdf, we can use it permanently.

My computer (Windows 10) was auto-updated and I am appalled that pieces of my INTERNET SECURITY SOFTWARE became disabled because of this (Kaspersky). It is easy to say, “contact Kaspersky”, which relieves you of accountability and places a burden of work on users like me and other software suppliers. That is not good business practice. I am going to try to downgrade Mozilla Firefox and hope that it helps, THEN I am turning off all automatic upgrades from your company. Very disappointed, Firefox.

After my Firefox automatically upgrade to 43.0 then I lost my Yahoo Toolbar. I downgraded back to Firefox 42.0 and the next time I went into Firefox, it upgraded me back to 43.0 and lost my Yahoo toolbar once again. Grhhh!!! I need and use this all the time. I used it before coming to Firefox. I loved Firefox until they have now disabled my Yahoo Toolbar. I know many many people are very angry and I will leave too, but this happened a year or so ago and they fixed it (for Yahoo Toolbar) I’m holding for few a couple weeks and if not fixed, Firefox will be left behind as I will be changing browsers. I have been on many forums and so many people are NOT PLEASED, I PERSONALLY AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL.!!!

I see the Firefox responses on the Yahoo Toolbar and points their finger at Yahoo. Why does the Yahoo Toolbar work on Microsoft Explorer if there is a problem with it. Shame on you Firefox!!