Fancy getting stuck into some JSON files?

I’ve recently been onboarded as a contributor to the MDN Web Docs - browser compatability project. MDN Browser Compat Data is a collaborative effort by Mozilla alongside Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and W3C.

If you’ve ever looked at a Web technology in MDN Web Docs, you’ve already likely seen the browser compatability tables. Usually, right the bottom of the page. You’ll often see a lot of gaps in the data, and we’re setting about fixing that!

Does getting stuck into JSON files sound interesting to you? You could be learning about Web standards in the process of helping this awesome (and award winning) MDN Web Docs project out.

I’m offering to mentor any new UK contributors. Github might be daunting. All those curly braces can get rapidly confusing. But I’m available to help you get started.

Get in touch if this project sounds interesting to you!

*of course you can get started right away, if you’re already good in Github and JSON. But count on me if you need someone to buddy up with.