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Q: Do local coaches or teams need to speak English?
A: Campus teams do not need to be fluent in English as all of the training and mentoring will be done by the local coaches. Local coaches should, however, be comfortable in English as they will be communicating between staff and their teams.

Q: What’s the difference between the Campus Campaign and the Take Back The Web Campaign?

A: They’re the same! The Take Back The Web Campaign is the new name for the Campus Campaign. It will run from April 15th to the end of June on University and College campuses all over the world.


Q: Me and my team we are more than ready but we live in Sudan in Africa is that possible that we are able to be part of the campaign and receiving the training?
A: Absolutely! We’re welcoming university and college students from everywhere in the world! Apply here.

Can I join other team ? If yea how?

Hi Reddyes!

Right now you have to apply as a team with students from your local campus. If you’re having trouble finding some people to join you in a team, it might be worth seeing if there are existing clubs on campus you could partner with, asking around in your classes, or maybe even putting a poster in the cafeteria or community space! In the future we’d be interested in creating a space for students to list if they’re looking to join a team but we’re not quite there yet!

Hope that helps!

We will not be accepting undergraduate students as Local Coaches at this time.

On that line:
Are we going to consider who are not Mozillians or don’t have any idea about how our missions work and we follow, for Local coaches??

If No, In Mozilla Bangladesh there are only three Mozillians who are not students any more and meet all the requirements set for a Local coach and everyone else are either Undergraduate students or below that. Everyone here who are contentiously working with students and mostly FSA are undergraduate students. So, how are we going to go for it??

Why an Undergraduate student isn’t being considered as a coach?? Just asking, if there is any specific reason, though these too many people are driving the community for years and also mentoring on many contributing pathways??

Hi Anistuhin!

Thanks so much for your questions! It is not necessary that applicants are already involved with Mozilla to be a local coach. We will be providing training about Mozilla to help those who are new to understand the mission and cause.

Instead we are looking for people with a passion for privacy & security with experience coaching and mentoring, who we think will best be able to help empower the teams they are coaching to do great work. We’re excited to work with professors, privacy experts, and teachers from around the world, as well as graduates, whether or not they’ve already worked with Mozilla before.

We decided not to consider undergraduate students for coaches for two reasons (1) the first was that we had so many local coach applications that there were going to be more coaches than Campus Teams (which wouldn’t make sense). So rather than have to leave many people disappointed we wanted to encourage people who could become Campus Teams to focus their energies there where there is no limit to how many people can be involved!

Secondly we wanted to enable students to use their skills in a hands-on way while they are still students. The Campus Teams are where the real work gets done (they’re the ones throwing the events, building new technologies, running the surveys) and so we want our most energetic participants running teams, rather than being in a support role.

For those who are no longer students, the supportive role of “local coach” is a great way to stay engaged even while they are not doing the hands-on work of the teams, and we hope that as our Local Teams graduate they will all have a chance to bring the experience and skills they have learned over the years and will continue to build on as Campus Team members to the teams they will eventually coach.

Hope that’s helpful!



Can there be more than one team from same campus? Will there be any shortlisting process?

Does it count if we didn’t yet got email and if our first event for this campaign is 14. April?

Hey adityadey,

There can be more than one team from the same campus! However, depending on how many teams are on the campus, the size of the team, and the interest areas of each team we may recommend working together on some events.


Hey facyber,

The Campus Campaign doesn’t officially start until the week of April 18th when you’ll be matched with your Local Coach and get access to the first set of training materials.

All of the activities for each impact area will be released on the website on April 15th however if you want to run something on April 14th to start connecting with your campus audience, experimenting with the best way to share privacy and security information, and prepare for the campaign that’s totally fine!

I’m sure your team will learn lots that will help you when you start running the formal campaign activities!


Hello Lucy!

Thank you. This is the first event we will hold, I hope there will be more in primary schools (workshops) and on other faculties. We also hope we will learn a lot from this.

Cheers! :slightly_smiling:

Q: If I’m not a Campus Team OR a Local Coach can I still run Take Back The Web events?

A: We strongly encourage all university & college students apply as a team so they can get the full advantages of being a formal part of the Campaign where you’ll recieve weekly coaching, training, and support from coaches, staff, and mentors . We also hope people who want to coach and support Campus Teams enroll through the website as Local Coaches. (Applications for both close Friday!).

However if are unable to apply as part of the formal cohort for any reason there are still ways you can support the Take Back The Web campaign!

  1. On April 15th materials for the 3 impact areas will be released on the website and you can use these to run your own workshops, scavenger hunts, and try out the challenge. While we won’t have a formal process for tracking or supporting you we’re always happy to have more people engaged.

  2. Follow along and share the campaign by reading the blog and Twitter, both of which will be released on April 15th. Every week we’ll share useful materials and updates on what the Campus Teams are up to and whose doing amazing work each week!

In a few months we’ll be looking to launch another campaign so if you miss the first one, never fear you can always get involved with the Start of School Campaign. :slight_smile:


Will it be wise to keep 10-12 persons in a team or make it two with 6 in each?? Those are the most active FSA in a single FSA club and they always work together. What do you think?? @lucyeoh

Hi Anistuhin,

Based on the activities I would guess that two 6 person teams might have an easier time than 12 people however it’s up to your group to decide what works best. You can always apply as two teams but decide to do some of the activities together!

Hope that helps!

Hello guys!

There are lots of students interested in this campaign so i formed 7 teams for the campaign from my club alone. is it good to go that way?

I wrote a small article in “Bengali language” to spread the announcement more throughout our country. Hope there will be many teams joining in the campaign from Bangladesh.

my article as a blog: http://blog.mozillabd.org/2016/04/take-back-the-web/
my article in FB post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MozillaBD/permalink/1174172755966939/


If all of the teams are excited to participate that’s great!

I’d recommend that all of the teams come together at the start of the campaign to decide how, if and when they’d like to work together. We’ll be sending out an email with more coordinating tips for campuses with multiple teams soon.



In the same team can there be students of different schools or colleges?