Favorite WebExtensions?

(Caitlin Neiman) #161

There are a few more potential replacements for Flagfox (although quick note, it looks like the dev is working on updating Flagfox to be compatible):

Country Flag+

Country Flags & IP Whois

Country Flag & Website Info

(vjetname) #162

Is there an alternative for Window Master addon for Quantum, please?
If not, is there an option for Window Master itself to be compatible with Quantum with new version and how can I know whether and when it will be available?
Thanks for response.

(Caitlin Neiman) #163

Rikaichamp is an alternative to Rikaichan (legacy).

(Mark Vincent) #164

I haven’t found an equivalent to Forum Tags Plus, so I wrote a replacement:


(Dalimil) #165

In-browser Find and Replace functionality for general text editing.

(Joseph Wensley) #166

Can I suggest my own addon WX Download Status Bar.

As a replacement for Download Status Bar.

(Tino Gómez) #167

Great work Joseph! I used “Download Status Bar” and your webextensions addon is perfect as a substitute. :wink:


(Graham Perrin) #168

All four are not compatible. @J.K do you seek alternatives?


Hi! Here are the addons that I used all the time. Please don’t forget them :slight_smile:

  1. Go Parent Folder (by White Alice0775)
  2. FlashGot Mass Downloader (by Giorgio Maone)
  3. URL Alias (zibada)
  4. Copy Link URL (by F. Russell)

I looked for replacements, but I couldn’t find any WebExtensions that would do the same job. It’s really hard to live without these addons! Thank you.

(Caitlin Neiman) #170

Hi @smndv! I have some mixed news about these add-ons

Copy Link - it looks like Copy Link URL WE might be a good replacement.

It looks like Go Parent Folder has been removed by the developer. :frowning: Can you describe some of its functionality? We might be able to find a replacement.

FlashGot’s developer has expressed interest in updating this extension. He had his hands full last year updating one of this other extensions in time for the Quantum launch, but hopefully we’ll see more news about FlashGot soon.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is a 1:1 replacement for URL Alias. Would another bookmark manager help?


Hi, Caitlin. Thanks for your reply.

And thank you for recommending Copy Link URL WE. I ended up installing Text Linky Tool, which seems to be a more comprehensive version of the same extension.

As for Go Parent Folder, here’s my usage scenario: I keep my bookmarks super organized in multi-level folders! Now, there are two problems:
First, Firefox’s built-in library does not support folder search—which is heart-breaking! :slightly_frowning_face:
Second, many times I lookup a bookmark and I want to find the folder that it belongs to. Go Parent Folder (by White Alice0775) does exactly that.
For instance, let’s say I’m looking in my bookmarks for some medical information websites, and I remember that drugs<.>com is one of them. So, in my bookmarks, I search for drugs<.>com. Then I can right-click in that entry, and click “Go Parent Folder”, and it would take me to the folder that it belongs to—here, “Health and Medicine/Medical Information/”, which contains all sorts of similar websites that I have bookmarked (e.g., medscape<.>com, uptodate<.>com).

Right now I am using Bookmarks Manager and Viewer as a replacement, but it has some UI issues.

I’m glad to hear that the FlashGot’s developer is planning to update the extension for FFQ. I look forward to it.

Finally, URL Alias… I use URL Alias to create handy shortcuts for URLs. For instance, if I want to lookup a word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, all I have to do is enter “mw apples” in Firefox’s Awesome Bar. URL Alias will automatically replace it with https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/apples?pronunciation&lang=en_us. Or I can enter “fbm” to open the Facebook Messenger (https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/).

Sorry if it’s too long. Thanks again :slight_smile:


@smndnv: Firefox has the url alias feature you want built-in already. No need for extensions.
Check out: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Using_keyword_searches

Or in short: Rightclick in the search field of merriam-webster dictionary, select “add a keyword for this search”, which will store a bookmark with a keyword. Once this is done, you can type “<your keyword> <your search words>” and it’ll do what you want. You can even edit existing bookmarks to have a keyword.


@Lusito: Thanks for the info! I had no idea Firefox had this functionality built in.

While I prefer defining the URL aliases in a list and keep them separate from the bookmarks (because to me they have very different functionalities), the Keyword Searches that you mentioned works very well for me. I just transformed my list of URL aliases to my bookmarks.

(Jan) #174


partially replaces


(Jan) #175




(Jan) #176




(jzav) #177

Hi smndnv,
your use case is covered by my addon:
It supports folder search.
Results are currently listed using columns: Name, URL, Folder, Index and Added.
You can even sort by folder column.
Go to Parent Folders command is also available.

(Graham Perrin) #178

Nightly Tester Tools is comparable to legacy InfoLister.


uMatrix also takes care of what No cookie for Google search used to do, but it’s not found by the “find a replacement” link.

(sdevaney) #180

Thanks, we’ll look into it!