Favorite WebExtensions?

(Nicolas MANDIL) #181



(which was a superset of “Go-parent-Folder”)

Can it be listed in a replacement collection on AMO please ?

(Graham Perrin) #182

Swift Selection Search as a possible alternative to Search Panel in Context Menu.


Thanks. I still don’t see uMatrix when I click https://addons.mozilla.org/find-replacement/?guid=jid0-G4shT7Mc2APVrJ3gr4kt9iOc6BU@jetpack , instead I’m redirected to the full list of features extensions.

(Rob) #185

As suggested by https://github.com/Rob--W/dont-track-me-google/issues/26 ,

(sdevaney) #186

@Nemo_bis try again. It should be in there now. Thanks!

(Marcos) #187

(sdevaney) #188

Found a workaround! These replacement recs are now in the tool.

(Tobias Beer ) #189

TiddlyFox, but then Firefox Apocalypse (57) broke it, hard, which basically makes me despise Mozilla to the core and quite likely never look back at this monster of not-caring-about-backwards-compatibility again.


(Graham Perrin) #190

For legacy Load Tabs Progressively, https://mozilla.github.io/extension-finder/ finds five extensions, none of which is truly an alternative.

An alternative might be:


replacements for: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/context-search/

(First add-on is more handy because of possibility of auto-update of used search engines.)

guid=findandreplace@notreal.org is replaced by

guid=cookieexporter@krk is replaced by https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/cookies-txt/


https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/dafizilla-table2clipboard/ is replaced by https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/table-to-excel/

(Graham Perrin) #193

An excellent alternative to the panorama feature of Tab Groups:

– an extraordinarily good first release. One to watch …

(rugk) #194

Actually you can tell the devs to make it the same. Both Chrome/ium and Firefox support Web Extensions, so one add-on should work on all these browsers. Only in the rare case that some APIs are not (yet) supported by Firefox, they would have to make some changes in the add-on.

(Marcos) #195

i found here https://forums.lastpass.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=280465&p=994695&hilit=firefox+copy#p994695

(Graham Perrin) #196

Please, no, not until Firefox includes what’s required.

(Graham Perrin) #197

– and/or Session Boss.

I was initially very disappointed to find Mozilla bug 1378651 – surprised that session management extensions can no longer offer :arrow_backward: :arrow_forward: history – but all things considered, 1378651 is not a showstopper. If I switch back to Firefox, I can make do without the feature.

(I’d like to do more than moan about gaps in APIs etc., but I don’t have the skills for patches or new features …)

(Graham Perrin) #198


An alternative to legacy InlineDisposition.

Experimental, so it might be too soon to list it at https://mozilla.github.io/extension-finder/

Positive test result: https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/inlinedispositionv2/reviews/1150608/

(Kwierso) #199

After writing that, I found this extension that was written at the end of last year: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/inlinedisposition-reloaded/

It’s a lot like mine, but it covers an extra case that even the original InlineDisposition didn’t cover. I’m not sure why it isn’t getting suggested by the extension finder.

(Caitlin Neiman) #200

Thanks, @kwierso. We haven’t been updating the extension finder much recently because there’s been some traffic drop-off to the site and because searching for compatible extensions on AMO returns much better results now than it did when Quantum first launched.

We’ve just updated our documentation to encourage folks to search for alternative extensions on AMO first before trying the extension finder.

(Mark12547) #201

That bit of info will become important again in six days (September 5, 2018) when ESR 52 users are upgraded to ESR 60 and their legacy extensions stop working.