Feature request: a contribution widget for embedding into a third party webpage


(Jumasheff) #1

We have 3 specialized (linguistics-related) websites where we have 10 000 daily page views. It would be cool to collect contributions without forcing them to navigate to CV page.

A side note: I find Mozilla’s email SSO to be painful and to my mind it’s a huge reason why people don’t want to come back to CV.

(Rubén Martín) #2

Can you elaborate a bit more? You don’t need to create a profile to contribute.

(Rubén Martín) #3

About this idea, I really like it.

I remember talking with @ruphy about how can we offer the voice input interface in non-traditional ways, like a box in Universities, or a widget in other sites as you are suggesting :slight_smile:

(Jumasheff) #4

I mean, in order to get involved into gamification thingy (which is important for community building), see your progress and whatnot, you can register. But when you come back, you should pass a super annoying auth process. And it requires you to do it each and everyday. Even Gmail/Google services (with a lot of personal data) doesn’t require this kind of authentication.
Others are also complaining:

(LRSaunders) #5

You should have your problem with everyday login resolved early next week, “Thanks for the report! It looks like indeed our session store was misconfigured, once I deploy (early next week), sessions should be long-lived again.” :slight_smile: