Feature request: Add descriptions for SSO-enabled services

There’s 16 websites available from https://sso.mozilla.com/dashboard, some that I’m too familiar with, and some I don’t recall seeing before. I’d like some way to know what a service is without logging in. I tried hovering my mouse on a icon, hoping that something like docs for Bootstrap Tooltip was implemented to display text on hover.


Hi John,

thanks for the great idea. We would have to add the descriptive text to our application directory:

Not sure when we will get to this. Hope it is okay for you if we keep this on the nice to have list for the moment. It will probably become more relevant as more people (e.g. volunteer contributors) get access to the Dashboard.

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Yes, nice to have is the right category for this suggestion. Thanks! - John

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I’ve added an enhancement request to the dashboard.



July 6
I’ve added an enhancement request to the dashboard.


Issue: Add descriptions to app tiles.

opened by andrewkrug on 2017-07-06

> Based on discourse post.
> [https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/feature-request-add-descriptions-for-sso-enabled-services/16500](https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/feature-request-add-descriptions-for-sso-enabled-services/16500)
> Feature request to add description information to app tiles.
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Descriptions would be super useful for new hires like myself!

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