Feature Request: Adding "secure notes" to Lockwise

The only thing holding me back from migrating to Lockwise is a feature that allows me to add entries to Lockwise that go beyond website authentication.

LastPass refers to them as “secure notes” and they could be anything such as credit card numbers, PIN codes and the like. Ultimately implementing this feature would allow users to add basically anything into a “free text box” which is stored securely in one place, making Lockwise the location for sensitive information.

Any thoughts?


+1 on this request.
I use the secure notes for various stuff in lastpass at the moment. It can for example be used private SSH keys or other stuff that doesn’t fit the normal username+password model


I’d like the ability to log out of all synched devices via Lockwise, and remove passwords from those devices remotely. Like googles device-list works (but with a log-out all option).

I work on several shared computers at work, some where single windows/linux logins are necessarily shared by multiple users. It would be very convenient to use Firefox account as if it were a windows or linux login, with the option to quickly log out and just wipe everything clean from my details.
Even better if you could also log out of google and other important places - all in one click.


That would be even greater if certificates could be stored with an additional password and (optionally) have a log to see how many times have been downloaded and in which devices.

+1 on this request.
At the very least, add a ‘notes’ to the logins. For instance, I have multiple logins for some sites - some are the normal passwords but some are one time tokens needed for various 2FA cases. One example: github.com. Take a look at the steps needs for 2FA command-line access.

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I found an old feature request here: https://github.com/mozilla-lockwise/lockwise-addon/issues/280
But actually Im not sure, how this repository is related, because the readme says “We may use this repository in the future to bring Lockwise to other browsers via an extension but for now it is unmaintained.”

I really hope for this feature, since this is the only reason which prevents me to use the password manager of my favorite browser :slight_smile:

+1 on this request.

In addition, I would like to be able to store notes on access data, as well as notes independent of a URL.

+1 this would be a very useful feature

Please excuse the spam, but this is why the only security is physical security. Adding something like “secure notes” would mean that Firefox Lockwise would need a team of lawyers to draft some new policies. :slight_smile:

Personally, I always look for ways to hard-disable (firewall, whatever can be done really - and preferably in redundancy, when not certain) any sort of sync or whatever other mechanism(s) that could have access to sensitive data…

+1 to add handling for secure notes!

Are you kidding? Why a team of lawyers?
Firefox could handle secure notes exactly like passwords. Only some new input fields and a new category are requested.

Hey, i want to fully migrate from LastPass to Lockwise and i’ve just migrated my details but i notice it’s missing the notes fields which even though i don’t use it on the majority of the accounts, it is something i really need for specific account details.

Please add this to Lockwise even if it’s with a small character limit.

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I am here for the same reason. Came from LastPass and wishing there was some optional text box for each entry.

Here for same reason too. I miss that feature in Dashlane.

+1 to this feature, I’d love to dismiss LastPass in favor of Lockwise, if it had the secure botes

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