Feature Request: Allow Users To Paste Code Snippets Into Debugger

Right now, the debugger requires you select a file to run code snippets. The Chrome debugger allows you to select a file or just paste a snippet of code (super handy). This would be especially useful for basic testing, JavaScript toy problems, etc., and it’s the only thing keeping me from using Firefox full-time for development/coding school.


Have you the multi-line mode in Console? Chrome’s Snippets was one inspiration for it, covering most of the use cases.

If Console evaluation would pause in Debugger, it would that make it work for you? We have bug open to remedy that it currently doesn’t pause on errors.

Hey Harald, I also miss the code snippet functionality which chrome offers. Same thing here. Thats the only thing which makes me use the console in chrome. I can organize all my needed code snippets for debugging as well es tests. Since I just started using the firefox dev version I was surprised its not there since its something rather simple.
best, Julian