Feature request: default container setting at window level (+volunteering to work on it)

hi firefox containers team, i recently stumbled upon this plugin and absolutely love it! huge shoutout to y’all for publishing this :raised_hands:

i have a feature request - provide default option. this could be set at the window level, so that cmd+t or new tab opens the new tab in the same container.

i would like to volunteer my time to work on this. what you will get -

  • seasoned dev with 5 years of exp @ expedia/amazon/twilio
  • primary exp: java with some dabs in frontend
  • willingness to whatever it takes to get the job done

what do you folks think about the request? does it provide enough value to be worked on or are there better things to focus your attention? would love to hear your thoughts.

I would be incredibly grateful for this feature.

@OriginalSpaceBaby if you decide to, and finish.

Thank you very much.