Feature request: Icon for SSB apps

I created script for Linux, which converts web pages into standalone web applications using firefox as default browser. It works as SSB (site-specific browser) which is implemented through existing mozilla frameworks …

The main window look like this:

I use this command , to make SSB aplications:

firefox --class SSB-{app name} --profile /home/{user}/.local/share/applications/SSB/firefox/{app name} --no-remote {url}

All works fine, except i can’t set icon for my SSB application in taskbar (bottom panel), because mozilla doesn’t alow that…

You can see my problem below, users can’t distinguise mozilla icon from SSB application icon:

I need to be able to set icon trough command, something like this:

firefox --class SSB-{app name} –profile_icon {path to icon} --profile /home/{user}/.local/share/applications/SSB/firefox/{app name} --no-remote {url}

So i’m asking if this can be added by developer?

If setting users ‘profile icon’ can affect mozilla stability (as i read somwhere), maybe you can allow users to turn this on trough preferences in ‘user.js’ file? Thanks.